2moss takes care of you and your hair

L'Instant 2moss, is the institute of well-being and beauty for the hair. One comes here obviously for hair care, but also to indulge in a moment just for one's self. Here everything has been done so that you may totally relax: a private cabin, very low-key lighting, and an Asian melody,.. we are not saying any more !

Almost without noticing it, between a neck massage and a scalp rub, it's quite naturally that your hairdresser-masseuse applies totally organic capillary products from the 2moss line: dry oil, cream, shampoo... your hair is lighter, more airy, strong, and furthermore it smells really wonderful! Totally relaxed, with a terrific complexion proud of your shiny and blow dried mane, you come out of 2moss totally ready for a busy Parisian day.

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