3 minutes flat to boost your energy

La Cryotherapie

If you repeat 3 times per day “I am at the end of my life” and the fateful trial of the morning alarm clock is tantamount to a torture session—now is the time to consider this new therapy.

Code name? Cryotherapy, a completely futuristic method that is a strong booster and dopes you with good vibes in 3 minutes flat, all in a 100% natural way. Proof?  Leading sports figures swear by it … We tested for you this unusual method, directly at Kryo, in Levallois, a truly avant-garde well-being center in the Scandinavian vein …

Imagine a shower cabin with your head sticking out... During 3 minutes, you dip your body at -170° thanks to nitrogen smoke. Chilly-willy? Not that much, since it’s dry heat. We won’t like: the last 30 seconds are freezing, but an ultimate sensation of well-being and softness invades your body a few seconds later....

Explanation: the thermal shock liberates the endorphins, and immediately eradicates fatigue, tension, toxins and bad moods. But you can also count on ultra-boosted circulation, slimmed legs and a super toned body. In other words, you have all the effects of a Finnish sauna followed by a bath in a frozen lake. And even more positive, you have lost between 600 and 800 calories. Any better ideas?

We already sense the sceptics? Certainly not, my dear. Created in Japan by a certain professor Yamauchi in 1978, this practice, very popular in Asia, has already proved all its great virtues. Check it out.

45€ per session.


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