A 100% apple cantina


A 100% apple meal ? It’s the clever and slightly zany concept of this restaurant.

But here, you don’t just bite into a sad apple slice. At Pomze (pronounce « pomm'z »), the apple participates in each dish, including the creamy butter to be eaten on a piece of bread.

So what does one actually eat ? Start with their delicious foie gras served with apple chutney, followed by the venison stew with apple on the side and finish with an apple charlotte... of course!

Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Reinettes... Rediscover the many varieties of this fruit through the super refined menu that evolves in keeping with the seasons.

And for the wine-food harmony, choose the perfect cider amongst the 30 references suggested.

The plus : a high-end grocery store corner featuring their famous jam with heart-shaped apple slices.

Lunch formula starter+dish ou dish+dessert, 28 €

Dinner formula starter+dish+dessert, 33 €

Where to find it?


109, boulevard Haussmann

75008 Paris

01 42 65 65 83


Miromesnil Miromesnil

Saint-augustin Saint-augustin

Miromesnil Miromesnil

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