A chic village chic for savvy fashionistas

La vallée village

On the road of Marne la Vallée, only 35 minutes from Paris, make a stop in this pretty trendy village that makes us think of the small world of dolls in a famous amusement park not far from there. A wide main pedestrian street, a few lamp-posts, cute little houses, and for the delight of fashionistas, one hundred leading deluxe fashion brands. And since these are pieces from previous collections, even the tightest wallets will open up: Welcome to La Vallée Village !

And for all those who want to pamper their mommies: here you will find great ideas for original gift, unforgettable and totally trendy ! A classic Longchamp bag, a super elegant Diane von Furstenberg dress, a Marni cuff or pretty gifts by Villeroy & Boch … everything is allowed, everything is possible and prices are irresistibly reduced! And if you cannot make a decision, opt for a La Vallée Village gift voucher and a pretty love card, that she will discover at breakfast in her email box. You are sure not to make a mistake!

You adore…being a neo Cinderella in her. An ultra comfortable shuttle that takes you from the heart of Paris to Vallée Village for an unforgettable mother-daughter day. On the program, a shop-op where you will spend without counting the 500€ gift vouchers, access to the spa, and a one-on-one lunch!! Try your luck here.

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