A gourmet dinner with Cyril Lignac and other great chefs

Une Super Dinette Avec Cyril Lignac Et D Autres Grands Chefs

Quickly book your seat for a confidential gourmet evening alongside prestigious chefs in a secret loft. Cyril Lignac in person will be on deck.

Monday, the 16th of March , 44 leading names of the foodosphere (Alain Passard, Akrame Benallal, Anne-Sophie Pic…) will confess their foodie sins to a handful of happy few, followed by a tasting. Lemon pie, gyozas, crème brûlée, aranchini, salty butter caramel éclair, beef-carrot stew, pâtissier pudding… Irresistible!

The plus: champagne, good wine and a great play list.

We like: indiscretions conveyed by Raphaëlle Marchal, the savvy foodie at the origin of the blog En rang d’oignon and this wild event. She has already whispered the weaknesses of Frédéric Anton and Thibault Sombardier who will also be present: rochers Suchard chocolates and Raffaello. Another tantalizing anecdote, the happening of Julien Gaulet, the chef who cooks nude under his apron

Quand les chefs pêchent mignon, Monday 16th of March from 7pm to 9pm and from 9m to 11pm, 25€. More information on the Facebook page of the event.

Where to find it?


80, rue des Tournelles

75003 Paris

01 83 79 99 06


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