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Observation. After the holidays, your wardrobe is also in need of a good detox session and you have a ton of clothes, pullovers, tops and parkas galore that really could do with a good cleaning …

Result? You have stashed a big pile of laundry all balled up in a tote-bag that you systematically forget to bring to the dry cleaner’s or worse go fetch (you probably even lost the ticket!).

We have very good news for messy gals, here is a new service that should make your life much easier, as though you were staying in a hotel or as the house guest of millionaires … but less expensive!

How does it work? Log onto Cleanio, where all you need to do is check the boxes corresponding to the clothing items you wish to have cleaned.  A groom will come to pick up your stuff the very next day and will bring it back in 48h at very cool and convenient hours.

Amazing: this ultra cool service operates between 7pm and 11pm, even on Sunday, allowing you to be present without having to take the day off.

Really convenient if your washing machine is on the blink: they can also pick up your laundry every day « by the kilo » to wash your sheets or blue jeans that come back all clean, without pleats and neatly folded (5,49€ per kg)

Tops: delivery costs for laundry are complementary starting at 35€. With prices like this, there is no hesitation possible!  Count 5€ for a shirt, 10€ for a dress, 8,50€ for a jacket.)

All the info on: www.getcleanio.com

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