A light Sunday, with a Frenchy sauce

A must for the diet !

We all dream of it, a version of the butterscotch Sunday that is good, beautiful and without calories. We have found it for you!

Scene of the crime ? A brand new shop right in the middle of the Marais.

Their weapon of massive seduction? A 0% ice cream made with farmer’s yogurt but straight from a cow that eats good grass on a farm in Normandy.

The flavors ?  Plain 0% yogurt, 0% raspberry ( with a killer taste of petit Suisse farmer cheese) , an «  exotic fruit »  flavor guaranteed without any sugar and one black chocolate made with a 70% cocoa base ( so of course there is a little bit of fatty matter, thank God 0% chocolate does not yet exist !)

We love… Serving ourselves. You take a little jar that your fill with as much ice cream as you wish.

Then you go to the counter. To sprinkle at will your little delight with crumble, caramel sauce, pralines, seasonal fruit (raspberries, figs, grapes), organic mueslicookies, honey, chocolate sauce. And the list goes on.

You weigh… and pay. Count 4,50€ for an enormous ice cream.

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