A modern-day apothecary !


In keeping with the vintage-mania, we enjoy old revisited trades! Nestled at the heart of the Batignolles district, this all-white concept-store promises an "off-the-beaten-track" outing in the world of beauty. Because here you are in the temple of nutri-cosmetics.

Translation? No high-tech promises, big revolutions, quack methods. Here homespun grandmother recipes are back on the counters! You complete and compensate your nutritional lacks with natural products.

The principle? Every morning, swallow one or two capsules for a quick boost to give your body what it’s is missing. You are treated from the inside. All the small girly problems have their solution : hair, body, fatigue, detox, libido

Concretely? Treatment for dry hair or damaged by southern beaches, solutions for dull tints and moments of fatigue, infallible methods to reduce bloated legs and those extra few kilos

We also like... the designer corner filled with trendy accessories: small pouches with bows, bijoux, bow-ties for your darling and customized shoes.

Where to find it?


66, rue des Dames

75017 Paris

Rome Rome

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