A playmate at the Opera

Anna Nicole

Who said that opera was not modern? The Louvre auditorium rebukes all the preconceived ideas on the opera and offers us a « sex, drug and rock n’ roll » spectacle on the life of former playmate Anna Nicole Smith.

The pitch? The story of a young 26-year-old playmate who marries a millionaire of nearly 90, a battle for the inheritance, her destructive love affairs and death by overdose! Quite a story !

A resolutely modern production by Mark-Anthony Turnage staged by Richard Jones, who will surely spark our musical instincts.

ANNA NICOLE by Mark-Anthony Turnage,

Saturday 10 November at 3pm

Orchestre du Royal Opéra House

Seats: from 5€ to 10€

Where to find it?

Auditorium du Louvre

Cour Carrée et Pyramide du Louvre

75008 Paris

01 40 20 50 50


Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre) Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre)

Louvre-rivoli Louvre-rivoli

Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre) Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre)

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