A princess teatime

Formule thé Crillon

This week-end, rendezvous  place de la Concorde for an ultra-chic tea-time at the Crillon.

Once past the revolving door, like a little Alice in Wonderland, we enter into the marvelous world of this mythical Parisian palace where everything breathes of luxury, calm... and gourmet discoveries !

Comfortable installed in a super comfy armchair of the Winter garden, between VIP and a family of Russian oligarchs, it’s impossible to take your eyes off their chariot with its incredibly appetizing desserts.

Impossible to make a choice amongst all these sweet temptations, so be a glutton and go for the tea-time formula.

While sipping our tea, we nibble on delicious finger sandwiches. Special kudos for their foie gras toasts delicately sprinkled with heavy salt.

As for the sweet side, take your pick from a wide array of savory and deliciously perfumed cakes. We are head over heels about the Happy Face cookie, terribly regressive, that reminds us of our cookies in our school lunch box.

The dream will soon no longer be a reality. Come quickly before the hotel closes its door for long months of renovation after the holidays.

It’s when ? Every day from 3pm to 6pm.

Crillon tea formula with a choice of teas + finger sandwiches, a pastry and an assortment of « travel cakes » 40€.

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