A real emoji bar!

A real emoji bar!

If you are fluent in emoticon language, this new online boutique is sure to make you smile

Bar A Emoji.Com offers a wide array of goodies and decorating objects featuring the most popular smileys and emojis. Irresistible, the smiley with heart eyes is now available IRL (In Real Life) as a cushion to keep you company on the sofa (18€). Its adorable lover’s head is also printed on a tote-bag (15€), or a balloon filled with helium (19,90€), on an iPhone case (18€), a tee-shirt (20€)… Great inexpensive feel-good gifts, totally worth a heart with the hands.

The wink smiley, the one who sticks his tongue out, the little monkey who covers his eyes and even the poop (yes, you know that adorable little turd) are also in the running.

We adore: the triptych with three malicious monkeys (12€) and greeting cards for happy holidays (3€). Delivery everywhere in France in 72h max, clap clap.

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