A small Indian bazaar in Paris

Vente éphémère de Noël Petit Bombay

From Calcutta to New Delhi, little Bombay, is a real Indian bazaar, a tavern of Alibaba filled with treasures imported by three friends in love with the country of sacred cows.

Here you can find small embroidered elephants, printed cushions, secret engraved boxes and ultra chic gilded chappals that will superbly dress up our little feet.

We love : their Made In India Xmas decorations.

Discover Little India in Paris here

Ephemeral Little Bombay Xmas sale

From 27 November to 1 December

11am to 7pm


Where to find it?

Petit Bombay

37, rue des Petites Ecuries

75010 Paris

Poissonniã‚âre Poissonniã‚âre

Bonne Nouvelle Bonne Nouvelle

Bonne Nouvelle Bonne Nouvelle

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