A very geek-chic exhibition

Exposition Art Game par Léo Caillard

Blaise Pascal, i-pad in hand, La Joconde tweeting away or dogs with a Facebook page… No, it’s not a joke but Art Game: an exhibition where one finds anachronistic stage settings with a very « high-tech » angle. 

For his first exhibition, Léo Caillard cleverly combines technology with the great classics of the Musée du Louvre.
 A mix of eras that is at the same time amusing and not too brainy, questioning today’s addictions …

Exposition Art Game by Léo Caillard

22 November to 5 January
; Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 8pm

Where to find it?

Kogan Gallery

96 bis, rue Beaubourg

75003 Paris


Arts-et-metiers Arts-et-metiers

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Arts-et-metiers Arts-et-metiers

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