Abri, the best sandwich inParis

From the gutter lining his sidewalk, one thinks of a fry shack, a kebab.

And then, moving a little closer, one notices pretty hanging lamps, a few vintage vintage chairs, a Japanese cook behind a counter. You walk in, order and … just adore it !

The best sandwich in Paris on sandwich days (Monday and Saturday) of the carte blanche menu with an absolutely incredible creativity-price ratio: chunk of mackerel marinated in lemon, root beet, vinaigrette sauce with honey and, a little veal nut, grilled eggplant and minced kohirabi, a first class in the 22 €  lunch prix fixe!…

Six dish menu for 38,50 € in the evening.

Where to find it ?

Restaurant Abri

92, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière

75010 Paris

01 83 97 00 00

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