Buy a truffle oak

More snobbish and much less expensive than buying a little studio in Paris, now you can be the lucky owner of the most elitist and gourmet square centimeters that money can buy. Concretely, buying a truffle oak and collecting its harvest each year.

Behind this funny deal, Olivier de Guyenro, who left the world of finance to launch into the culture of black diamonds!

This truffle nut put together a daring project. His idea? This joint production allows us to own truffle oaks and receive each year its delicate sprouts.

Concretely ? Buy a tree planted in 2012 ( price: 208 €) and five years later, just enough time for Mother Nature to do her work, you get back 50% of its production. If you are in a hurry, trees planted in 2007 (472 €) will give their first harvest this year.

We like : this eco-friendly deluxe project!

Tops : trees are planted in the regions of the Hérault, the Lot and Périgord, historical heart of black truffle, pour for a « Made in France » production.


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