Personalize your bottles with My Evian

Evian bottle with engraved customizable messages and carrot water bread soup, tomato

Amongst the souvenirs option, there used to be the traditional photos album. Now there is the Evian bottle that is all decked out to celebrate in style the major event of your life. A very simple idea that is quite clever: a laser engraving of a message - your message. And there everything is a question of imagination! Ok grant it, it's difficult to put together a jumble of this bottle, but on a table it looks pretty good, right? Right away, water tastes differently! 

Bu also: the three limited series signed Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Paul Smith (the only one still available) that played at spin the bottle in a revisited haute-couture version. Good looking, chic and not expensive!

Price: 54 EUR for 12 bottles

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