Baccarat, a very princess exhibition at Petit Palais

Where else than in a palace could the most glam’ and scintillating show of the Fall take place to celebrate the 250 years of Baccarat. A wonderful homage to this mythical deluxe House. « It was referred to as the crystal of kings» and with good reason… Here is the demonstration in images that the Gotha from all over the world ordered customized show fairytale pieces of.

A real escapade into the upscale venues, parties and amazing know-how, showcased by the legend of Crystal. Because this marvelous exhibition is in fact a time machine that will take you back to Paris in the 1900s and allow you to rediscover the creations of Baccarat conceived by the leading Parisian exhibitions from 1823 to 1937.

WE LOVE: discovering the furniture piece « The vanity of the Duchesse de Berry » or Candélabre, lamp-post chandeliers ordered by the Czar of Russia…

Very amusing: an XXL royal table setting! Each prestigious guest has their own setting: from Nicolas II and his Vodka glasses to the Queen of Siam.

Where to find it?

Petit Palais

Avenue Winston Churchill

75008 Paris

01 53 43 40 00


Champs-elysees-clemenceau Champs-elysees-clemenceau

Champs-elysees-clemenceau Champs-elysees-clemenceau

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