I really like the Brunch of the «Les Banquettes » restaurant! It's a small place where the brunch is at 20EUR, they serve generous helpings and it's very good. They do all sorts of things, eggs Benedict on salty French toast, a raw meat tartare with truffled mashed potatoes and a tomato?...It feels just like being at Grandma's. They have a « quick menu » and if I don't feel well, I come eat their coquillettes pasta, sprinkled with Parma ham, it's my Proust madeleine, that reminds me of Sunday lunches at my grandmother's house. It's reassuring like mashed potatoes and ham. I go there without reservations. As for the decor, the plates in Limoges porcelain don't all match, the bar is made from an old Normandy closet, they have a vintage bell and the dark grey banquette seats that stand out from the lichen green wall.

Where to find it ?

Les Banquettes

3, rue de Prague

75012 Paris

01 43 47 39 47

The summer of Do IT IN PARIS

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