Baby made in France

Bebe Made In France

We knew Americans envied our very couture French touch, and now we learn they are also jealous when it comes to our kids!

More polite, more patient, less spoiled, our little darlings are real cherubs. This is the theory of Pamela Druckerman, an American journalist, who lived and brought up her children in France.

Why are French moms the best? In her latest book that is creating quite a buzz, the journalist takes a very close look at the « mother attitude » of Frenchies. From family meals to park outings, while pointing out our natural unashamed authority, she focuses on all the small educational habits.

We like : the preface by Elisabeth Badinter.

Bébé Made in France by Pamela Druckerman

Published by Flammarion

18,50 €, 372 pages

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