Bellini and cocktails on a magical terrace

Bellini Et Cocktails Sur Une Terrasse Magique

It’s the killer phrase when you are about to enjoy sitting down for a nice little drink, very naturally around 7 or 8pl and the server says :  «Mademoiselle, if you don’t intend to have dinner, it’s not going to be possible for you to stay». Frustrating.

And then, there are magical places, real Parisian dreams that offer you the supreme luxury of treating you like a princes, without forcing you in any way.

This little whim can be enjoyed at the Mini-Palais, the couture table by excellence. Just imagine the picture: you are nestled, al fresco, under the Grand Palais arcades with a breathtaking view.

At the outdoors bar, a maestro of small potions ( Alexandre Chilavia) is there to quench your thirst of chic delightful drinks ( 14 and 15€ for all the cocktails)

Our favorite? The « Bellini », just like in Venice, this champagne cocktails with white peadh. There is also the « Rossini » version with fresh strawberry. Classic minded fans will adore their « Mojito » or « Bloody Mary ».

The must ? Nibbles signed Eric Frechon ( 3 stars at the Bristol) with tartines of foie gras ( 17€), the Bellota Iberica plate and bread with tomato (17€) or a divine roman salade (17€)

We like : no obligations, the restaurant keeps a few tables on the terrace to just have a drink without being « obliged to have dinner.

What else ? It's open non-stop, every day !


Also discover Girafe, a terrace facing the Eiffel Tower.

Where to find it?

Mini Palais

3, avenue Winston Churchill

75008 Paris

01 42 56 42 42


Champs-elysees-clemenceau Champs-elysees-clemenceau

Champs-elysees-clemenceau Champs-elysees-clemenceau

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