Bewitching candles: By Khol

There is a big buzz in the world of chic candles. Recently set up in the beautiful passage Vivienne, Maison By Khol (contraction of Khim and Olivier, its two founders) is launching its first collection of scented candles, inspired by the mystical universe of fortune-telling (including the Devil naturally). Diptyque better be behave.

To each of the five fragrances corresponds a character taken from the tarot game through a mix of bewitching scents. « The lover» distillates notes of Bulgarian rose, oak moss and whiskey, « The World» seduces with magnolia, black truffle noire and nutmeg, « The Empress» imposes her style between myrrh, heliotropin and tuberose… This definitely the new it gift for you mother-in-law.

We like: and since the Devil (him again) is hidden in the details, the wax sunk  in a delicate Limoges porcelain is ornamented with graphic drawings. All made in France by manufacturers embodying precious know-how. In short, a strong piece that immediately boosts a sedate decoration and creates a singular olfactive ambiance.

Coming up soon: perfumes so you can splash on some new couture scents.

Count 120€ for a candle

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