Tea Time a the Palace... Four-star goûter at the Meurice Hotel


Stella Mc Cartney, Kate Moss and other Couture demoiselles have been spotted in London hot spots in front of piled up scones, jams and finger-sandwiches for the ritual « high-tea ». The tea revolution has begun!

And in Paris? The ultra-feminine perennial "tea-time" tradition has been revisited by star chef Yannick Alleno at the Meurice Hotel, dedicating a special menu at the Dali, the small glamour jewel-brasserie imagined by Stark.

We adore! Their very British formula, in the Xmas spirit, with delicious small sandwiches, a wide array of teas, and all the pastries of the afternoon for which an inspired Philippe Starck has specially designed an amazing table for the cake display.

The price? Palace luxury in keeping with a dangling economy... Complete tea-time formula at 30EUR, served every day from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Where to find it?

Le Meurice

228, rue de Rivoli

75001 Paris

01 44 58 10 10


Tuileries Tuileries

Concorde Concorde

Concorde Concorde

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