Organic homecooking at Studio 30

What's up at Studio plus 30? You must know this is the arty spot to be seen before running off to party at Rosa Bonheur around the corner. But what else? This just happens to be a my(s)thical recording venue where one still hears the echoes of the sacred voices of Bowie, Gainsbourg or the Stones. This temple of sound that almost went under, has made a musical comeback with Redha Zaim as new MC. And since he enjoys doing things well, Redha has set up a bistrot - the 0 divin - in his studios serving a friendly cuisine for buddies. This entails incredible organic and natural wines, plates by Bordier, Rolls Royce of cheeses, as well as the rest of the food that comes straight out from Repaire de Cartouche , tops in terms of bistrots. Around the table? Busy conversations amongst young talents during cocktail hour between two sound tracks, but also the refuge of music, cinema and singers happy to have finally discovered their own QG.

Count between 30 and 50EUR

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