Couture meat delivered at home!

Going to the butcher shop is old hat! Ultra connected twigs prefer the 2.0. order. In the metro, between two, rendezvous or nestled in your couch, just send a mail to Ah La Vache and you will receive your order of very very chic meats that should satisfy your carnivore instincts.

Red meats and fowl come in 5 or 10 kg crates with off the beaten track names. So just choose between the cagettounette-trop-chouette (50 €), 3 kg of red meat to be shared in small  groups, the pig pack (45 €) for pork fiends or the soft as a lamb pack (18€/kg), tops to bluffer your mother-in-law  on Sunday.

We adore: daring the real « deluxe chick» (10€/kg).

The must: quality meats raised in farms from the Perche region, so you can enjoy your purchase without even having to move.

Delivery offered starting at 70€ order. For any order under this sum, a 10€ delivery will be charged.

More information on the site Ah La Vache and on Facebook,  by mail at and by phone at 07 81 45 30 65

Crédit photo : Cédric FAIMALI

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