Customize your shower gel !


Good news for bathing beauties ! Gals on the lookout for exclusivity, unhappy about sad shower gels, seriously lacking in originality, are going to be delighted !

Yes, we have found clever products just for you.

Where ? On Parfums de Vacances, a new web site, that personalizes our soaps, perfumes, candles, by creating your own label.

The concept ? Everything takes place on the site. Send a picture of your Holiday house, your dog, the family, in sort an image that you feel strongly about. It will be redesigned, to give it a vintage and authentic side.

For added personalization ?  Give name to the product that appears as a title.

We just love the Verbena shower gel !

The little trick ? You need to place a minimum order of 60 euros to personalized a product.

Bottle of 50ml : 2,50€


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