Dare a magician shoemaker’s devilish machine: Rétro by Michael

This man is not just a mere shoemaker, he’s a real shoe lover, a shoe poet and the best friend of Parisiennes… In short, a craftsman as we love them.

If your « Jimmy Choo » pumps or other designer shoes terribly compress your toes (a very painful syndrome), have them widened by Mickael, who uses a devilish machine that enables to gain a few centimeters without deforming the shoe. Guaranteed slipper effect.

PS: he also widens boots that are too narrow for your calves.

Very good news, he always finds clever ways to fix, sew, change heels and look after all the injuries of your favorite footwear without charging you an arm and a leg, like some of his talented (but expensive) peers.

Price: 8 €

Open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 8pm. On Saturday from 2pm to 8pm.

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