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Dare the filament light bulb

Spotted in all the trendy dining rooms and cantinas with the Brooklyn spirit: the filament bulb is in the spotlight!

Cool, the inside-track lighting boutique Jurassic light, whose workshop is located in the Marais, is selling affordable light bulbs and lighting fixtures to boost your decor in a flash.

Just like the hot new architects, we wager on their sophisticated bulbs starting at 12€, to be customized with a pretty pastel thread fabric (4,90€) for a superb bluffing effect!

For an even more upscale setting, use a vintage hanging lamp (135€) totally bluffing.

The crush? A lamp to be placed on a coffee table like a special heart throb object. Wildly retro and chic (95€) Find it here!

All the info on their website.

Where to find it ?

Mr. Fish

38, rue des Martyrs

75009 Paris

01 73 71 62 45

Jurassic Light


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