A darling pastry shop Chez Bogato

Having reconverted from the ad world in order to live out her real passion - pastry - Anaïs Olmer has just opened her very first Parisian boutique near the rue Daguerre in the 14th.
This adorable pastry shop is in the image of its creator: feminine and off-beat, cleverly mixing vintage and current Design (chocolate trickling down the window-displays, pink and gold wall paper, a fake kitchen drawn up with stickers, fluorescent touches...).

Chez Bogato, everything is beautiful, delicious and amusing.
We could not resist the house specialties: mini-tarts with Nutella spread or Carambar, poppy macaroons, strawberry & Tagada candy cream cake.
Don't wait, come quickly taste the playful and regressive pastries !
While you are there, buy a few cute gifts: a fish-shaped egg mold brought back from Japan or pretty dish towels with a fuschia pink Tour Eiffel motif by the English brand Lovely Lovely.

At the heart of the chocolate-tiled Lab, Anaïs bakes her special orders (delicious butter cookies that she custom decorates) and her creations dedicated to young gourmets (the dinosaur cake).
No doubt, she is THE specialist for terrific kids' parties.
Another good idea: pastry workshops for kids. A really good idea to initiate your little darlings to cupcakes or marsh mellow hats during the summer holidays!

Next workshops on Wednesday, July 1st and 7th
Reservations on the site www.chezbogato.fr

One-hour workshop for 4 - 8 year olds
Rate : 21 euros
One hour and a half workshop for 7 - 13 year olds
Cost: 23 euros


Where to find it?

Chez Bogato

7, Rue Liancourt

75014 Paris

01 40 47 03 51


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