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2013 News 04 She S Cake Def

We already mentioned She’s cake, the super tea salon dedicated to cheesecake opened by the pretty Sephora.

The young and very talented pastry chef unveils her 30 top recipes in this new book already a cult foodie must!

A light an creamy texture on a crispy biscuit with the recipe of her signature basic, a light version for twigs, with variations such as Carambar, Tagada and Oreo for gourmets in the know.

We also like : the salty versions, more daring and so savory, such as the pear and nut Roquefort cheesecake or the one with goat cheese, honey and pecan nuts.

She’s cake

De Sephora Saada

Hachette cuisine

96 pages, 12,50€

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