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Therapie Feel Good

You always wanted to act in a theater play but never really dared? To discover and be capable of speaking about good wines and important vintages without coming across as a dummy? Starting a real detox, quitting smoking without living a nightmare or simply really getting down to doing sports?

No more promises we cannot keep…Very good news, the hype AIR DETOX collective promises that we will meet the challenge in 21 days flat on a resolutely no complex and amusing mode in a « feel good » therapy mode.

The concept ? Sessions are conceived like a « voyage » with a team of twenty persons on a very precise thematic (quitting smoking, starting a real detox, learning how to be handy around the house or the basics of real cooking …)

Three weeks of coaching courses during which the participants alternate 5 to 6 courses and a private Facebook page that gives advice and et exercises to be done at home, all piloted by a coach who sets up different steps and attributes missions to each one. The purpose? Motivate troops, exchange on a common experience and especially reach the initial engagement. Let’s dot it !

Cool : light prices for a really complete program (100 à 250€) and rendezvous in glam’, trendy  and different locations.

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