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DIY: bluffing décor for 10€


Sometimes just a piece of string will give an immediate upgrade to your interior decor. Here is the proof with this super clever kit that allows, thanks to the pattern supplied, to create your own industrial and arty painting with just a few nails and some thread

How to do it: fix the pattern on the wall and plant the nails point by point following the order indicated, exactly like the drawings we made when we were little. Then just link the nails to one another with thread and you’re all set. It’s child’s play!

We like: the choice of models (LOVE, @, Double Happiness, &, today…) to be shopped on the site Denicheuse.com.

The must: nails and thread are not supplied in order to give free rein to our imagination.

Words: pattern sheet, Mo Man Tai, 9,90 €.


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