Eating horse meat is cool


If somebody mentions a cute little bistrot  in the Marais with a typical «Paris» decor, where all the well-heeled locals come dig into some fresh eats, (partridge, rillettes, house apple sauce, farmer cheese with chestnut cream), we feel you are already licking your chops. But if we mention horse chops then suddenly there is a cringe in the air.

Strop fretting, be daring and go for a horse steak without getting cold feet. Because if this meat has had a bad rap for a long time, the great chefs and food critics say it’s very tasty and lean, filled with magnesium, ideal for a diet and filled with vitamins.

The proof ? We tested for you horse brain nuggets to dip into a divine tartare sauce. Ok, a little trashy but not far from Spanish nuggets. More « normal » in fact and frankly delicious, the marvelous horse chop, with glazed shallots and mashed pumpkin.

What does it look like? A regular prime rib, but more tender. A newcomer wouldn’t know the difference.  

16€ for the lunch formula. 30€ in the evening.

Where to find it?

Le taxi jaune

13, rue Chapon

75003 Paris

01 42 76 00 40

Rambuteau Rambuteau

Arts-et-metiers Arts-et-metiers

Arts-et-metiers Arts-et-metiers

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