The buzzing Asian address

Lily Wang, dining room

If Largo Winch were to shoot a « Blue Lotus » film sequence, it would most certainly take place here ! An address with a very Asian touch in the new generation of Costes restaurants: Lily Wang.

No more cliché venues. The Costes connection conveys soul to its new outlets, such as Société or Ginger. Their newborn, Lily Wang, in the 7th arrondissement, is the perfect fit for twigs and literary Gotha clientele.

Geisha made in Paris. Hard to resist the ultra-colorful and dreamy charm of the decor with its flashy lanterns and flowery fabrics. Signed Jacques Garcia (French architect and renown designer) who is a real pro in this style of design.

In the plates... Delights of Asia : Dim-sum, Peking duck, delicious pork raviolis, a black iberico pork with barbecue sauce, chocolate nems. It's fresh, good and efficient!

We like : the glam attitude of the place, anti-bobo, that is totally at ease with the art of quiet luxury.

Open everyday, from noon to midnight

Picture credit : Do it in Paris

Where to find it?

Lily Wang

40 avenue Duquesnes

75007 Paris

01 53 86 09 09

Saint-francois-xavier Saint-francois-xavier

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