Eyebrows : Do it like Cara Delevingne

Bobbi Brown

The catwalk star Cara Delevingne has put bushy eyebrows back in the spotlight. But don’t throw out your tweezers right away: bushy does not mean wild. Falsely neglected eyebrows require upkeep.

step 1 : boost growth with a magical fertilizer

Revitabrow treatment by the beautyst

Picture credit : © The Beautyst

Between gals whose eyebrows are naturally rather thin and patchy and gals who over plucked, acquiring density is important. The RevitaBrow treatment, formulated with peptides and plants, activates growth. Apply daily on the eyebrows for one month minimum, depending on the needs. At the end of the cure, eyebrow hair seems longer, thicker. For some, the result is truly terrific.

RevitaBrow, 85€


step 2 : being able to trace the line

How to properly pluck eyebrows

A pretty eyebrow requires a perfect line: neither too long, nor too short. To pluck without messing up, there are points of references that allow you to adapt the size of the eyebrow depending on each person’s face. Use a pen.

Place it diagonally at the edge of the nostril, using the outside corner of the eye to trace the end of the eyebrow. Eliminate the hairs that stretch out towards the temple. Place it vertically against the wings of the nose. If in principle, you can get rid without any risk of all the hair that go beyond on the forehead, the bushy Cara style eyebrow slightly overflows. Regarding eyebrow thickness the idea here is to have a maximum of matter. Remove just the basic necessity, that is to say the hairs that really go over the lines of the natural tracing.

step 3 : darken the eyebrow

Eyebrow mascara Bobbi Brown

Picture credit : © Bobbi Brown

Exit the bleached eyebrow, the catwalk prowler sports dark eyebrow. But finding the right hue is tricky. Use an eyebrow mascara such as the Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up by Bobbi Brown, that comes in four shades from blond to dark brown. While combing the eyebrow, the brush releases a semi-cream semi-gel texture that colors the hair and stays on the eyebrow!

Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up, 22€.


The clever trick? Coloring the eyebrow with a classic mascara. Unless your hair is raven black, best choose brown, less severe than black.

step 4 : padding, the right tools to cheat

Eye & Brow maestro Armani

Fine or sparse eyebrows? Nothing is lost. Just have the right products handy to bluff. Start with the darling of the editorial team: the cream eyebrow shadow by Giorgio Armani Beauty. A hybrid texture to be applied with a beveled brush to draw the hair and give the illusion of a dense eyebrow.

Eye & Brow Maestro, 32,50 €.


The small price alternative? An all-in-one kit that combines in the same box a wax and a powder. Perfect to give an impression of density.

Eyebrow Duo, 14,90 €.


A clever trick? Choosing amongst your eye shadows a darker shade than your natural color, to be applied by strokes with a thin brush.

step 5 : tame and discipline

Eyebrow gel by Maria Galland

Picture credit : © Maria Galland

When the eyebrow is naturally bushy, hairs sometimes seem all over the place. They require combing and fixing to avoid a wild and neglected effect. You can rely on the eyebrow by Maria Galland. The mascara tip brush enables to discipline the eyebrow and the texture provides smoothness and shine without sticking.

525 Gel Définitions Sourcils, Maria Galland, 14,50€.


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