Yves-Saint-Laurent-mania sung by Alain Chamfort

A selection of musical pieces customized by the great Couturier of French song-the one and only Alain Chamfort.

The idea ? A collection of songs retracing key moments in the life of Yves Saint Laurent.

Our favorite ? A freeze-frame image of the prodigal Saint Laurent arriving in the office of the great Dior on a rock and rhythmical melody.

« A Saint Laurent life». Album release 16 February 2010 on www.vente-privee.com at the exceptional price of 5,5 EUR.
Joint release in bookshops of the book-record (Albin Michel) sold for 25 EUR.

The book-record includes the album, the words, partitions, unpublished photos and a biographical note on each song written by Robert Murphy.

What more? For the couturier's fans, a very researched biography on a destiny that is worthy of a great novel, published at Flammarion « Saint-Laurent, Mauvais garçon » by Marie-Dominique Lelièvre (19 EUR).

The summer of Do IT IN PARIS

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