A nail-bar

L Ongle Fantaisie

A nail-bar just like in Gossip Girl where you are sure to get a haute couture manicure and pedicure in a massage armchair! An ultra-clean spot.

We love... the ambiance of this girly enclave that imitates very well this Manhattan style luxury with TV series and tea as background action...

We looove... the long-lasting nail polish (3 weeks). After your nail polish application, pass your hand under a mini UV that fixes the lacquer for 2- 3 weeks. A great result !

20 EUR the manicure
30 EUR the pedicure

/pdf/annuaire-icon.gifL'Ongle Fantaisie
183, rue Saint Denis
75002 Paris
01 40 26 17 53

Planet Hair, a boudoir hair salon !

A personalized cut in a wonderfully trendy boudoir - flat ? This is not just a dream. It's the well-kept secret of stylish gals, who cannot do without chic and fashion hairdos, that stay impeccable, even after two or three months without a scissor snip...

Same story for the natural and sophisticated colors... Rendez-vous, at the heart of this salon - an inside track setting initiated by a group of friends who worked with leading hairdressers and who decided to play the card of accessible luxury.

Cut : 51 EUR
Color : 47 EUR

/pdf/annuaire-icon.gifPlanet Hair
55, rue Réaumur
75002 Paris
01 48 87 38 86

Where to find it?

L'Ongle Fantaisie

183, rue Saint Denis

75002 Paris

01 40 26 17 53

Reaumur-sebastopol Reaumur-sebastopol

Sentier Sentier

Reaumur-sebastopol Reaumur-sebastopol

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