Le Bristol a family palace

In the Fall of 2009 the famous Parisian palace has written a new page of its history by adding a wing to its landmark edifice. 3250 m2 on seven floors, two facades, 21 rooms, 5 suites, a restaurant. In three words, the DNA of the Bristol: French style luxury.

This palace has a family history since 1978. Rudolf A. Oetker is the business man.
Maja, his wife personally took part in the completion of this new wing whose harmony, freshness, well-being, comfort, elegance and luminosity have been the master words. The Paris suite is a perfect mirror reflection, in hues of yellow, turquoise and red, equipped with a hammam and a terrace making this Parisian « home away from home» a pure marvel.

Elvira, her daughter in law, oversaw the creation of the 114 Faubourg, which is a place of life, fresh and joyous, an antidote to morosity with a leitmotiv, the color violet and Dahlia flowers in every form. At the helm of this restaurant, a young 28-year-old chef, Eric Desbordes, who has already demonstrated his talents in other gourmet Paris venues. The cuisine is creative and authentic just like these potato waffles with smoked salmon or cucumber soups with coconut milk. The chef is undertaking a revolution in the culinary universe with a very customized service in the image of the Bristol-the client can choose to have his meat of his fish cooked on the grill, à la plancha, or steamed. An interesting new offer for the Bristol!

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