Boxers galore !

Spotted during the Miu Miu fashion show, men’s boxer shorts have infiltrated the wardrobe of fashionistas and have become the most snobbish accessory for Winter and deluxe cocooning.

Latest chic, the Royal Calebard Baby Blue boxer (29€), that also comes in Pink by the new Parisian label Oxence. Imagine a cute pair of soft boxer shorts that once folded looks like a baby’s shirt.

We like: nabbing a piece from a guys’ wardrobes and turning it into sexy lingerie, of course, to be really sexy it needs to be worn with a cashmere pullover or a silk home-wear ensemble to hang out in front of the TV.

Where to find it ? On the e-shop of the brand: And hurry up because right now delivery is free!

Also check out the panties of Henriette H

By Elodie Rouge and Julie Zwingelstein assistées de Mélanie Hroorakvit

Where to find it ?


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