A bucolic lunch at the Chalet des Iles

A little corner of paradise on the island of the Bois de Boulogne, this Swiss chalet, imagined by Napoléon III for his lovely Empress, remains the mundane hot spot of the Western part of Paris, for a stroll along the waterfront and a lunch « just like in the country », where one takes a little boat to reach the island. So charming...

By the table, settle for a nice lawn garden for a chic change of scenery in a 100% green decor. On the agenda of bucolic amusements: high brow people watching, an impeccable service and a cuisine with great tastes: white asparagus, wok of scampi with lemon leaf, semi-cooked foie gras of duck, Romaine salad, apple surprise, radish and celery or prime rib of beer with béarnaise sauce and puff potatoes.

30 to 50 EUR à la carte

(bucolic lunch at the Chalet des Iles)

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