Heaven can wait

les anges ont la peau douce

Half-way between a neighborhood beauty institute and a deluxe salon, Les Anges ont la Peau Douce welcome you in an elegant blue and white setting. Here every thing is calm and soothing. Settle in one of the comfy armchairs for a high end express treatment. In a semi reclining position, with a cover on your legs, close your eyes, the « Regard Céleste » ritual is about to begin. A real heavenly voyage!


After gently removing your eye makeup then your face, the beautician makes a series of very precise gestures. A few dabs of Blue Angel Water for proper cleansing, then a warm towel on the face. It’s the moment when you let go. One the towel is removed, you apply the famous eye contour which is whey you are here : « the celestial gaze» ! Then begins the modeling with the celestial balm. From the forehead towards the temples, from the eyebrows to the lids, cheekbones to the ears, hands come and go, ending with a draining that insists on the eye contour. You are on a little cloud.

Eyes are covered with cotton filled with fresh water, the hand modeling begins. You have finally arrived in the land of angels! Savor this instant for  a few minutes.

A little bit of Blue Water sprayed above you it’s time for a soft awakening.

Luckily, they don’t let you go looking like this. A little dry shampoo at the roots, a great make-up, you can jump back into the Parisian scene looking as pampered as when you arrived but totally relaxed for the day and as beautiful as an angel !

Les Anges ont la Peau Douce
Celestial Gaze Eye contour Ritual
52€ / 30 min

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