Holiday Café: the HQ of mademoiselle Agnès in the 16th

Holidaycafe terrace

It’s a far cry from the Golden Triangle and upscale boutiques, and yet the gang of Mademoiselle Agnès, the cream of socialites and hip trend-setters, all converge to this small terrace hidden at Porte de Saint-Cloud. But what brings them all here? The relaxed luxury of Holiday Café!

Because  this doll-model format bistrot is the transposition #InRealLife of the eponymous magazine. A über chic lifestyle publication from the 60s, the Holiday was relaunched a few years ago by Franck Durand, the husband of Emmanuelle Alt, THE big boss of Vogue. Result, an Art Deco style as elegant as the glossy pages of a magazine, a slightly over the top atmosphere and a slew of small gourmet treats and snobbisms that hit the bull’s eye.

For a morning rendezvous, soft boiled eggs and bread (8€), granola (9€) and frothy cappuccino. At lunch, a photogenic croque-demoiselle (decked out with a quail egg, 14€) ; chicken salad, green beans, avocado—all super hyper healthy (14€) ; a mega crunchy ham cheese panini (11€) and an awesome chocolate cake (8€). In the evening, gossip girls discuss The Devil Wears Prada in front of a Pata Negra plate (17€).


Open Tuesday to Saturday from 8h30am to 10pm, on Sunday from 9am to 3pm.

Also discover Brasserie Bellanger, a Big Mamma with the French touch.

Where to find it?

Holiday Café

192, avenue de Versailles

75016 Paris


Porte De Saint-cloud Porte De Saint-cloud

Exelmans Exelmans

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