Hot-Dog House

Here is a new hotdog factory at low prices for foodistas on the lookout for "good" junk-food. Ladies, get ready to have a finger-licking good meal at Hutch !

They make fresh fruit juices, instant smoothies (carrot, orange, apple, ginger)... and mostly hot-dogs.

The utmost in happiness? A hot-dog made right in front of you, with a pure beef sausage, the impeccable ketchup mustard, pickles, coleslaw and fried onion… Everything wrapped up in a bun just like we love it... to be eaten on little tables or to go.

Tops! The super sexy US dessert: donuts, brownies and co.

Open every day from 11am to 01am.

4 euros for a hotdog.


Picture credit : Do it in Paris

Where to find it ?

Hutch Hot Dog House

3 rue Sainte-Marthe

75010 Paris

09 50 61 03 39

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