Hurray for clothes detox!

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Sick and tired of riffling through your over-filled wardrobe every morning? Sick of complaining that you have nothing to wear in front of your pile of clothes?

Unclutter! This is in substance what the absolutely free online “Ultimate detox clothing guide” is offering on Vestiaire Collective, the fab site where you can buy and resell your wardrobe.

Translation? Empty your closets at least twice a year to declutter, redefine your style and make a little money! So just follow religiously their 10 key steps!

Preparation. Spend 2 hours to carefully pass in review everything that’s in your closet.

Make sure you have several boxes to sort your clothes and one or two garbage bags. Turn on the music and go go go!

ACTION! Entirely empty (yes, yes) YOUR whole closet.

Detox Time: review each piece one by one and decide what you want to keep or not. Set aside the clothing you are not sure about, those with sentimental values and those that are not in season.

Take everything that has to be mended or altered to a proper tailor. Reorganize your closet now that you have much more room.

The real plus? Sell the clothes you no longer wear on Vestiaire Collective. It’s simple as pie and you might even make a little money! Cherry on the baba: use your sales proceeds to buy the missing pieces.

Immediately download the free clothing detox guide of Vestiaire Collective

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