Shangri-la: a private mansion relives

Four years of work and renovation, 81 rooms including 27 suites, a 16-meter pool, one French restaurant, another Cantonese, the private mansion of Prince Roland Bonaparte, built in 1896, has been restored to all its splendor in 2010. Included in the list of Historical Monuments, the Shangri-La completes the deluxe hotel offer of the capital.

Inspired by the Directoire and Empire periods, decorator Pierre-Yves Rochon has mixed the refinement and the aesthetics of French and Asian cultures, like a beautiful symbiosis of the Orient and the Occident.

Chef Philippe Labbé is in charge of three restaurants. Located at the heart of the hotel, under the splendid cupola inspired by Gustave Eiffel, the La Bauhinia restaurant- named after the flower on the Hong Kong flag- is sure to become the hot rendezvous of cosmopolitan Parisians for breakfast, lunches, tea time and dinner.

The chef will be offering both French and Asian dishes, always authentic and respecting traditional savors. The French gastronomic restaurant, L'Abeille, will be opening its doors a little later, beginning 2011 and will be followed by the Cantonese gastronomic restaurant the Shang Palace.

The Shangri-La will undeniably soon be the new address of reference in Parisian life.

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