Instant beef-carrot stew !

Recette Boeuf Carottes

Step 1 : Peel and grate the carrots. Wash and chop the parsley. Cut fine lemon zests.

Step 2 : Slice up the beef. Heat the oil. Simmer the beef in hot oil, let it get some color then add the grated carrots, the chopped lemon and the cumin seeds.
Cook for 2min while stirring.

Step 3 : Add the parsley, salt and pepper .

Step 4 : Place the dish in a tupperwear or lunchbox and put in the icebox.

Juste a few minutes in the microwave oven and it's ready to be served.


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Ingredients for two persons :

- 4 carrots

- 4 twigs of flat parsley

- 1 glazed lemon

- 2 sirloin steaks (about 360g)

- 2 table spoons of grape pit oil 

- 2 table spoons of cumin seeds

- Salt and pepper

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