Brun Andalou, sculpts your mane

You just got back from your Corsican holiday, your suntan is looking terrific, your mood is tops, you feel in great shape, and you are ready to get throw yourself back into the daily grind with glee. However, it's not quite the same thing regarding your hair, nor its cut! Quite luckily we have found an ultra confidential address that will give spiff up your hair a and give it some style, the Brun Andalou Hair Salon.

Behind his screen, in a very intimate, Zen and warm atmosphere, Pierre takes you under his wing and cuts your hair as though it were a sculpture.

To respect your material and the harmony of your hairdo, he works on dry hair so it's better to come with clean hair. A few drops of Christophe Robin lavender oil, the scissors come and go, twirl and swirl. When he has finally finished, the result is incredibly natural.

A real artist and accomplished professional, he has worked with leading hair maestros and will make it his pleasure to share his passion with you -always with lots of humor - for hair and color.

Watch him work, listen to his comments, a real show is taking place under your eyes and you are center stage.

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