Auguste : virtuous restaurant

Here is a small table that plays the minimalist card, featuring large mirrors, pearl grey colors and slate hues, hosting a lot of regulars from the nearby ministries and government buildings (one Michelin star). Its young chef, Gaël Orieux, a pro scuba diver is passionate about fishing, but only if it respects the environment.

Translation ? He only serves forgotten or less known species such as the meager or shadefish, black bass and the whiting pout, that don't suffer from over fishing. He even goes further: he is one of the creators of the Mister Goodfish label, a label guaranteeing to the customers that only virtuous fish are on the restaurant menu (you can see this small logo these days next to some starters at the Mini Palais restautant).

We definitely agree with all this but how about the quality of the cuisine ? It is delicious : the cuisine is inspired, clever, elegant, surfing with class between maritime tradition and Japanese influences. To be tasted right now: black bass and yuzu sabayon, soft onion from the Cévennes, ginger and various beets, scallops from Port en Bessin and pork from Colonnata, risotto cooked like a paella (36 EUR).


Count 70 EUR per person / Discovery menu at 88 EUR / Lunch menu 37 EUR

Photo credit : Facebook Auguste

Where to find it ?


54 rue de Bourgogne

75007 Paris

01 45 51 61 09

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