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Daughter of, wife of, activist, sex-symbol, a fitness buff… Must one describe Jane Fonda as the person she represents for others ? It seems not, and this new documentary, Jane Fonda in Five Acts, might very well make you feel like becoming her best friend.

Pegged to the Festival des Lumières de Lyon, during which the actress will receive the Prix Lumière prize, OCS Géants is organizing a very glamour evening with this HBO documentary, followed by the super kitsch and cult Barbarella as well as Barefoot in the park, a corny love story  with Robert Redford. Here are 5 juicy anecdotes that you ignored about the most badass of 80-year-olds:

  • In 1964, she meets the charismatic Roger Vadim at Maxim’s. To play the part, nude, in the very hot opening credits of his film Barbarella, she had to drink a lot of vodka. Unfortunately, a bat ruined the recording, which had to be repeated the next day.
  • She suffered from bulimia during her teenage years because of her father’s comments. To such an extent that during her anti-Vietnam war activist years and while flirting with the Black Panthers, Jane Fonda popped a lot of speed pills and nourishes and fed herself with hard boiled eggs and a few spinach leaves each day.
  • The two nights she climbed the steps to receive her Oscar, she explains that she did her own hair and makeup: “When I went to pick up the one awarded to my father, it looked as though the Lindbergh baby was hidden in my hair. Those were the 80s, for my defense.
  • After her second divorce, a soothsayer predicted she would receive piles of money and live in great open spaces. The next day, press magnate Ted Turner called her to ask her to go out on a date. They stayed married for ten years. For the documentary, she returned to her stomping grounds: “Hello ? Everything is great, I’m arriving in the ranch of my favourite ex husband, in Montana”.
  • She admits having used plastic surgery, but does not boast about it: “I like ageing faces. I wish I had been more brave”.

Jane Fonda in Five Acts.

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