A cinema-club at home

A Bout De Souffle

It’s the grand revival of the movie-club! To wit: Jean Imbert & Jean François Piège are the first ones who fell for this chic and hipster trend.

If you have a low budget or are just simply too lazy to budge when the weather is so foul, we suggest the curiosity of the moment: “La Box fait son cinéma”.

Imagine the perfect kit, furiously stylish to organize your own movie-club without leaving your sofa, at insider prices!

On the program: each month, a home delivered treasure chest in which you find of course DVD of a cult film, small gifts, but also the perfect manual to prepare everything.

We adore: the booklet featuring all the important info on the film, fun anecdotes and backstage secrets, as well as the ambiance you must give to your home sweet home to set the tone.

Cherry on the baba: the recipe and the list of groceries to whip up the perfect dinner and the cocktail to sip with your film...

Our favorite? The box (still for sale) around the film Breathless (by Godard with Belmondo and Jean Seberg). For a really perfect evening: a great book on New Age, deluxe pop-corn for the evening and the cult tee-shirt worn by Jean Seberg, an ultra-desirable limited series worth the price of the box!

Box “La Box fait son Cinéma”, 21,90€ for a monthly subscription, 65,70€ for 3 months and 131,40€ for 6 months.

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