La Gauche Caviar: bling is back !

La gauche caviar restaurant room

Impossible to ignore “the” hottest new restaurant of the season.

Explanation: night owls and the Beigbeder gang were in mourning during the renovation work of the Montana. Luckily, they are able to go back to their favorite club with its new “fab” 6 hotel suites and a restaurant on the 1st level that lives up to its name “La gauche Caviar” signed Vincent Darré

On the program: a very festive dining option with celestial eats for dandies; heart of salmon and Petrossian caviar to be washed down with vodka or bubbles… Be prepared for the bill (it quickly goes up to 70-80€, but we promise that you will run into many well-known faces).

PS: if your wallet is not expandable, go rediscover the Montana’s cocktail bar that opens at 6:30pm


Also discover Deviant, the new bar of the restaurant Vivant.

Where to find it?

La Gauche Caviar

28 rue Saint-Benoît

75006 Paris

01 53 63 79 23

Sèvres-babylone Sèvres-babylone

Sèvres-babylone Sèvres-babylone

Saint-sulpice Saint-sulpice

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